Companies House have recently introduced the option to amend a previous filing (second file) on Webfiling for forms CS01, AP01 and SH01.

Companies House state that a 'second filing' of information can be provided in cases where there is 'a trivial inaccuracy that does not affect the underlying meaning of the information.' 

It is important to consider the above before proceeding with the second filing, as submissions which are deemed to be correcting more than just a trivial inaccuracy may not be accepted.


If you are looking to second file a form other than these then please see Second Filing at Companies House. 

Note: Webfiling can only be used for the RP04 form, not the LL RP04. This means that any second filings for a LLP must still be done on paper. 

1. Sign in to Companies House WebFiling here. If you do not already have a WebFiling account then you will either need to register for one, or complete the process on paper. 

2. Sign in to the company that you wish to amend the filing for. You will need the Company number and the Authentication Code.

How do I find the Company Authentication Code?

3. Navigate to 'All Forms' on the top right hand side of the screen.

4. Select 'Amend an error on a previously filed document' from the bottom of the list which will then return the list of forms that webfiling can be used to amend. 

5. Select the relevant option i.e. SH01, CS01 or AP01. 

Note:  The final hyperlink here deals with amending the details for a director supplied at incorporation. To amend the Date of Birth please see What If the Date of Birth is Incorrect?. For anything else you will need to file a CH01 form as normal. 

6. Follow the wizard through to completion.

Note: If you require information on Inform Direct updating following your second filing being accepted by Companies House but are not sure what you need to do, please contact our support team on quoting the company number and confirming what amendments have been made.