If it possible to add both client logos and your firm's logo to Inform Direct. These appear on various documents and registers that are produced on the software. 

Adding your firm's logo

Your firm's company logo can be added to appear on the following documents.

  • Company Registers - as a 'brand' at the bottom to show whom the Registers have been produced by.  
  • Summary documents created for approval

Note: This option is only available to users with a Subscription Account. Users without a Subscription Account will see the Inform Direct logo. How do I switch to a Subscription account?

To add your logo and the name of your firm follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the Account page

2. Click on the blue Edit account details button.

Note: Make sure that the Account name is correct.

Click Choose file to add your logo.

4. Click the green 'Save' button.

Adding your client company's logo to their Company

Your clients logo can be added to appear on the following documents.

  • Board minutes 
  • Resolutions 
  • Share Certificates 
  • Company Registers (at the top)
  • Dividend Vouchers

1Go to the Company tab and select the blue 'Edit Company Information'.

2. Click 'Choose file' and you’ll be able to upload the logo as an image from wherever it’s saved on your computer or network.

3. Select the green 'Save changes to details' at the bottom of the page to finish.